I'm Ben Rellick, a designer/developer based in Harrisonburg, VA. This is a collection of the work / projects / interests that I'd like to share, sort of a jumping off point for each.

Who Gives A Crap

I work as a front end developer with Who Gives A Crap, a toilet paper company that produces environmentally sustainable products and donates 50% of profits towards improving sanitation in developing countries (rad).


I also developed BarCheep as a personal project, a webapp for finding happy hour specials in Harrisonburg, VA (decidedly less rad than the above ^^, but still kinda rad!)


I make music for an instrumental project called Monopolyopolis, and I play drums in the punk band Wineteeth and bass in the pop rock / powerpop band Azores.

Web Projects

These are my "in progress" projects. Listed here are the ones that either 1) I'm most jazzed about or 2) Are closest to being launched. Of course I've got an endless list of "someday" projects, but the idea is to make them more tangible – I think if listing them and putting them out there can help with that, great, but if they're only ever going to live as a bullet point on a list, I'd rather save that space for projects that are being actualized.